Erasmus+ Projects

Project Code: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000025210

Name: Innovation in the application of the Montessori Method in Early Childhood and Special Education



This project was born after the proposal of the participating partners that the application and extension of the benefits that the Montessori Method brings at an early age and in children with special needs, would increase the quality of teaching and favor individual, physical and emotional, of the student body. This Method was born in Italy more than a century ago by the hand of the pedagogue and scientist MarĂ­a Montessori, but at present the scope of its application is minimal, being reduced to private teaching options. Our intention is to disseminate its strategies and benefits so that this philosophy is introduced in the curricula of the member countries of the EU. The project seeks to train teachers and students of Infant and Special Teaching, so that they know the Method, internalize it, teach it and transmit it. It will also be positive to bring this pedagogy closer to other related professionals who may be interested, such as child psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists or speech therapists. In addition, we do not want to stay in a one-off training but we are committed to an online and timeless training, accessible to anyone interested in knowing or expanding their knowledge about the Montessori Method.